Friday’s Fantastic Finds

Hi there! Happy Friday!
This weekend is going to be a little different.
We will be house sitting for the grandparents for a few days.
It’s kinda fun getting to live in someone’s house for awhile. 
It’s like taking a little vacation in your own home town. 🙂

I found some great finds this week. Hope you like! 🙂

Fantastic Must-See Castle: Mont Saint-Michel Castle.This amazing castle is built on a rocky island of the coast of Normandy, France. So cool.

Fantastic Freezer Make Ahead Meal: Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos. I love a great recipe that can be made ahead!

Fantastic Funny:

Fantastic Fall Escape: I want to be here, right now.

Fantastic Chocolate Heaven: Paula’s Volcano Cake. One word…need! 🙂

Fantastic  Inspirational Thought: The way to true beauty? 🙂

Fantastic  Organization Tip: TP Rolls storage. Use toilet paper rolls to organize cables. Genius.

Fantastic Copycat Recipe: P.F. Chang’s Lettuce Wraps. A great recipe that is a little bit lighter than the original, but just as tasty. 🙂

Fantastic Way To End This List: 

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!

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