Six On Saturday: New Uses For Binder Clips

A binder clip is ideal for keeping loose papers bound together,
but let me introduce you to their many other uses…

1) A kitchen sponge stand. Clip your waterlogged dish washing sponge in a binder to air-dry and prevent a smelly situation from happening later.

2) A new chip clip. Secure half-eaten bags of chips with a binder clip. An easy way to keep your favorite snack fresh and crunchy. 

3) A picture frame stand. Use a binder to create an easy-to-update photo display. Simply place the clips on their flat ends and slide the picture between the arms. 

4) A linen napkin organizer. Store sets of napkins clipped together and they’ll always be ready for dinner, saving you stress during the most craziest time of day.

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5) Doubles as key chain and money holder. Simply take a large binder clip and pinch one of the wire arms towards the center to release it from the hinge. Slide on your key and refasten. Clamp in a few bucks and you a ready for a quick coffee run without excess bulk.

6) A recipe holder. Hot glue a magnet on the back of a clip and stick  to the stove hood. Your recipe will be up and away from spills but right at eye level, exactly where you need it.

Do you know of any other great uses for binder clips?

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