Friday’s Fantastic Finds

Hi friends! Welcome to the weekend!

I am so excited for this Friday because it’s the day my site
finally got a new design!
It happened about 1:00 this morning and I was up 
playing with it until about 2:30.
Fun, fun! Although I am pretty out of it this morning!
Later today,
 I will share with you a tour of the new features. 🙂

For now, it’s time to talk Fantastic Finds. Check out my latest discoveries from the web…

Fantastic List: 100 Healthy Snack Ideas. Are you in a snack-rut? I’ve found a great list that will give you lots of inspiration the next time that mid-day craving hits.

Fantastic Words: Remember this when those feelings come along…

Fantastic Pretty Dessert: Mini-Lemon Tartlets. Such an easy way to make a pretty dessert.

Fantastic Tutorial: Travel Book Storage. I totally need this because Sebastian loves to read books in the car. Great way to keep them easy to access and organized. Love it!

Fantastic Summer/Fall Outfit: I love the blue and yellow mix… especially the shoes and the bag!

Fantastic Mommy Truth:

Fantastic Shower: This home is located on a beach in Mexico. It includes many amazing views, including this one from an indoor shower with an outside feel. 

Fantastic Cooking Idea: Meatloaf Muffins. Genius…just divide the meat into muffin pan and it is done cookin’ in 15 minutes! 🙂

Fantastic Summer Event: The Olympics. I wish I was actually in London right at this very moment! But since that is not happen’, I am still excited to watch the opening ceremonies and the events.

Fantastic “Hate It When That Happens” Moment:

Enjoy the rest of your Friday! 🙂

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