Six on Saturday: New Uses For Baby Food Jars


 If you have a baby at home,

most likely you also have a few empty baby food jars.
If you are at a lost on how to reuse these mini glass containers,
check out these six new uses.
1) Organize your clutter. Screw jar lids to the undersides of shelves, then simply twist the jar on. Now you will never lose another paper clip.

2) Color-coded fun for the kids. Paint jars different colors and then have your children organize crayons by jar. Place all jars on a turntable for easy access.
3) Let there by light. Make your own chandelier from yes, baby food jars. 

4) Spice up your life. Paint the lids with chalkboard paint, label and store your spices in style.
5) Let it snow craft. Grab the kids, your imagination and a few supplies to create the cutest little snow globes.

6) Store a little touch up paint. Pour a few ounces of new wall paint into a jar to store. Then when those little inevitable nail holes and scuffs happen, you are prepared.

Do you know of any other uses great new uses for baby food jars?

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