Friday’s Fantastic Finds

It’s time to do the Friday dance! 🙂
And boy, am I excited about this Friday
for two reasons.

First up,
Sebastian starts a kids yoga class today.
I snapped a picture of him warming up…

He seems to love it.
I ‘m not sure if that is because of the yoga or
the fact that he is the only boy in a class full of girls.
Loves the ladies. 🙂

 The second reason I am excited for this Friday is

cause it’s date night! Oh yea! 
Nothing fancy planned,
just a dinner and a movie.
But it will be nice to get out by ourselves.

I’ve found some pretty cool stuff this week. Hope you like…

Fantastic Cozy/Comfy Outfit: Love the parachute hoodie. And of course I love the black, grey and white combo. (This would be perfect for my date night~but, how do I get into my closet?)

Fantastic Homemade Bread: Amazing No-Knead Bread. I have to admit, when making homemade bread, I hate the kneading part. HATE. I’m excited to try out this recipe.

Fantastic Awwwww Moment: So sweet.

Fantastic Gift Idea: Money Balloons. These are so cool. I think I may do this for my son’s upcoming birthday.

Fantastic Warm Drink: Pumpkin Hot Spice Chocolate. I could use a cup of this right now. Maybe two. We have already reached our balmy high of 34 for the day and now we are going back down. Brrrrrrr.
Fantastic Truth: Glad to know it’s not just me. 🙂

Fantastic Breakfast Ideas: 40 Breakfast Casseroles. Perfect for upcoming family holidays.

Fantastic Funny: About time someone told me to put my jammies on! 🙂
 Fantastic Dessert: Chocolate Chip Carmel Ice Cream Sundae. I am already drooling. 

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! 

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