Sing….Sing A Song

We watch a lot of Sesame Street at our house. It’s Sebastian’s favorite show. So everyday around 10 o’clock in the morning we watch Elmo and all of his friends have a good time learning and singing the day away!

The songs that they sing on Sesame Street are very catchy and I find that I end up singing them in my head most of the day. If your child also watches, I am sure you know exactly what I mean! My husband and I have both experienced on numerous occasions that we wake up in the morning with a song already stuck in our heads!!

So, the other day my husband had the song “Sing A Song” stuck in his head. We were at dinner and he started singing the “La la la la la…” part of the song out loud. Sebastian was across the room headed up the stairs. And after my husband finished with his “La la la’s” Sebastian sang “Sing….sing a song.” It was so cute!! I didn’t even know he knew the song more less was able to sing that part!!

Tonight in the bath tub I started sing the “La la la’s” to see if I could get him to sing again! And guess what…he did! Watch the video below and you can here it for yourself!! Be aware that I had to start singing to get him to sing, so please don’t listen to closely to me…he’s the super singer of the family!!!

On this Thankful Thursday I am thankful for the gift of song that Sebastian gave to me! I love the fact that you never know what your child has learned until he is willing to share and amaze you! It truly makes everyday of parenting a surprise!


  1. How precious is that!!!!! Thank you for sharing such a sweet moment!!! Now, thanks to you and Sebastian, I have a song in my heart, too!!!

  2. I loved that!! How sweet…those are great parenting moments!! Thanks for sharing :)I will be sing La, la, la, la all the way to the park today.

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