Oh My Heavens…I Can’t Believe It’s Been Seven!

Today, April 28 is my wedding anniversary. My husband and I have been together seven years. I should say we have been married for seven years because we have been together much longer than that.

You see, my husband and I are high school sweethearts. We didn’t get married right after our high school graduation, actually we broke up and went on to college in different states! We eventually did date other people, but we always stayed in touch and we remained good friends. Then as fate would have it, after about 6 years had past, we bumped into each other at a mutual friends summer party. And as they say, the rest is history! About 3 years later we were married!

I have to admit that our marriage, although it is strong, has not always been blissful. Marriage is hard work. It takes a lot of unselfishness, respect, sacrifice, love and and a BIG sense of humor. And sometimes you need all of that just to make it through a day, not to mention another year!!

My husband is not only my best friend but my defender, my protector, my support, my security and let me not forget my comedian. He knows me better than I know myself and accepts the beautiful with the not so beautiful. Now that being said, I can also read my husband like an open book. I love his tender-heart and his amazing creativity. He too can have flaws at times but his good qualities outshine any flaw, any day of the week!

Although we have had our struggles (what marriage hasn’t?), I wouldn’t change a thing. I am proud of my marriage and my husband. I love our life and the very beautiful, precious son we made together. I am grateful and truly blessed. I will vow to remember this everyday and not only on the anniversary days. Now, that’s a vow worth keeping!!

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