Road Trips, Graduations and Silly Times

The past two weeks of my life have been C-R-A-Z-Y.
Lots of family, two graduations and a new baby all rolled into a ball of fun.

It all started with my sister’s arrival.
Did I mention that she arrived on a plane
that landed at the Denver airport at 1:00 AM?
Yeah…that’s how we start this family party!

A couple days later my mother drove to my house.
We took a day to rest and hang out.
Oh, and of course we had to go out to dinner for some fine Mexican food.

Then we were off on a 13 hour road trip to Oklahoma.
I drove the whole trip. I know, who does that? 
I was pooped by the time we got to our hotel.
I think that was the best night of sleep I have had since 1982. 🙂

Our reason for traveling to Oklahoma was because 
my nephew, Micheal graduated from high school. Woo hoo!

It’s rather easy to find the graduate in this picture, don’t ya think? 😉

A nice added bonus on this trip 
was that my niece had also just had a baby girl, Ryah.
She is just 3 months old and loves to sleep in your arms.
Melt. Your. Heart.

It was a great opportunity to get a picture of four generations.

After a few days it was time to say our good-byes.
Back on the road we went.
And yes, I drove the whole time again.
(I think I got my fill of driving road trips for the year.)

The next day it was my son’s graduation from preschool.
All the little kids were so adorable. Although, I did favor one little boy. 😉

I can’t believe my baby will be starting Kindergarten in the fall.
Talk about a transition. Not for him, but for me!

The following day my mother returned home and that left my sister
hangin’ with us for a couple more days.

We did a few of days of shopping,
taking full advantage of our time together by 
being silly and trying on
a few hats at Charming Charlies.

Can you believe the hats was my little man’s idea?
But I think he was right, yellow looks good on us!

My sister had to return home on Saturday. 
After I dropped her off at the airport,
I came home and watched the season final of Grey’s Anatomy.
I can’t believe they killed little Grey! What were they thinking?
(Sorry, just had to get that one of my chest.)
I enjoyed some more selfish T.V. time and then it was time to pack again.

The next morning we jumped into our car and headed
to Estes Park for some R&R at the cabin.

I actually think little man loves the mountains most of all…

We are now back home all tucked in our beds,
well except for me obviously. 🙂
The bags are all unpacked.
The routines are starting once again.
Maybe life will start to be a little more normal again.

Naa…who wants normal?

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