Friday’s Fantastic Finds

This was a super crazy week for me!

I returned from Oklahoma on Tuesday,
my little man graduated preschool on Wednesday,
(which by the way was so cute!)
my mother left on Thursday,
and now it’s finally Friday!

Time to share my favorite fantastic finds from around the web.
I hope you love reading about them as much as I love searching for them! 😉

Fantastic Flowers: Cascading Flower Garden. I love this idea, an old milk can and some beautiful  white daisy’s. So cute!

Fantastic Treat You Must Make: Sugar Crumb Crispy. Nikki shares this wonderful recipe that from start to finish, including clean up, takes a totally of 20 minutes! Can get a woo hoo?

Fantastic Martial Tip: 

Fantastic DIY: Ultimate Menu Planning Board. Meal cards have ingredients listed on the back, genius!

Fantastic Dessert: Peach and Cinnamon Cobbler. This cobbler is easier than pie. Add some  ice cream and you have the perfect summer dessert.

Fantastic Too Sweet:

Fantastic Five W’s Of Life: Some good advice here people…

Fantastically Located Home: Can you imagine living here? Looks like you would need a tram to get home…crazy! (I have to wonder if this is real or just some awesome photo shop.)

Fantastic Photographs: A very amazing wedding photographer takes fun pictures of his daughters in many creative ways. There are a ton of different pictures, you should definitely check them all out! 

Have a wonderful four-day weekend! 🙂

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