I Can’t Believe I Won!

A couple Saturdays ago I was in a mad cleaning mode
to get my home ready before all my company arrived.
While taking a much needed break,
I did a little Facebook reading.

It was then that I stumbled upon a Kaboo giveaway
on their Facebook page.
I absolutely love their bags, 
so I entered with fingers and toes crossed.

I then went back to cleaning. A few hours later I logged
on to Facebook to discover that…
I actually won a bag!
(This is where I did a happy dance!!)

The style of bag I chose was the Olivia in beautiful turquoise. 

This bag is so cool because not only does it have pockets
for your cell phone and extras, it also has
a built in pocket just for your Ipad or Kindle.

I think I have confessed before of my bag/purse obsession.
I am so giddy to add this to my collection.

Thanks Kaboo! I adore my Olivia bag!

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