Our Visit to Cozumel & Packing Tips for An All-Inclusive Resort Vacation



Around the end of March, 
my husband and I took a vacation with two other couples.
We had be planning this fun get-away since January and
it was so unreal to believe it was finally here!
This was our very first all-inclusive resort vacation and I didn’t know what to pack.
So today I’m sharing with you some of the highlights of our trip and 
what you should pack so you can travel light
but still have all the necessities you need to have a great vacation.
We started off the vacation by leaving Denver just as the sun started rising…
We flew to Houston where we had a lay over and connected with the rest of our friends.
Once we were all together,
we hopped onto our plane and headed to Cozumel, Mexico.
We arrived at the Secrets Aura Resort late afternoon and 
after settling into our rooms, we decided to explore the resort.
As we made our way around the grounds, we ended up on the beach.
 I has so happy to capture this beautiful sunset as we ended our first day.
We really loved our room at the resort…
(Photo Credit)
Not only was the room very clean and comfortable but honestly…
our favorite part was the walk-out lazy river. 
We all had rooms next to each other so we could easily go from 
room-to-room by way of the river!
This was where we ended up every afternoon…just floating in the water.
I tell you….life was hard. 🙂

Most mornings where spent on the beach sun worshiping with my girlfriends 
while the guys where under the water scuba diving.

We even sneaked in a little Salsa and Salsa class on our last full day.

Basically it’s a class where you learn how to make a few different salsa recipes
while you drink a bunch of bottomless margaritas. 


When the cooking is done, it’s time to learn how to do some salsa dancing!
(Which is kinda hard after you been drinking for hours. lol) 

 Overall it was a great vacation.
Some of us got a little too much sun but all of us had a blast!

 Now, that I’m back home I realize that I didn’t pack the best.
So here is my list of must-have’s when packing for an all-inclusive resort vacation.

A Hat– I thought about bringing one and didn’t. Big mistake! A hat is perfect for reading or napping by the pool or even keeping your forehead from burning to a crisp. {Or so I’ve heard. 🙂 }
Two Swimsuits– I packed three which was too many. I think two is good choice because if you plan on hitting the pool or beach more than once a day, you’ll have a dry suit handy. 
One Pair of Pool/Beach Flip-Flops– These flip-flops are your basic walk to the beach or pool sandals. (Not your out to dinner sandals.)
One Pair of Dress Sandals– These are reserved for dinner in the resort restaurants. {Most will have dress codes when it comes to dinner.} I only packed one neutral pair that complimented all my dresses. 
Three Dresses– Dresses are great for a light, airy option when going to dinner. It turns out that my girlfriends and I had each packed a striped dress, so we went with a themed look one night! {Yes, we did get some sun. Why do you ask?}
Three Pairs of Shorts– Shorts are great for grabbing a quick lunch or while walking around the resorts. Most resort restaurants require a cover-up, so shorts can be great for that as well.

Five-Six Tops– I generally try to pack neutral tops that can easily be exchanged with my shorts. Pick light and airy blouses in case you get a little burnt from your sun bathing. {hint, hint}

Sunscreen– I didn’t pack any. I know, I know. Super big mistake! I usually don’t burn so I thought I would be fine. Nope. Not even. I ended up buying some at the resort. I paid almost 5 times what you would pay at Target. So again, pack the sunscreen!

One dollar bills– It may sound kinda silly but getting change at an all-inclusive is not easy to do. So come prepared with a stack of ones for tipping at restaurants or housekeeping. 🙂

First-Aid Kit– You may want to pack band-aids, aspirin, aloe vera and some probiotics. Rich food and fancy cocktails may do a number on your stomach. And nobody wants that on vacation!    

Of course, you will need your under garments, PJ’s, toiletries and makeup (preferable with sunscreen!) Save your full makeup routine for dinner and keep your day time look light. 

 Most of all, don’t forget to pack your sense of adventure! 🙂
Did I miss anything?
What’s the one thing you have to pack when traveling?

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  1. Many, many years ago, my luggage was lost on the way to Mexico. I am a size 14 and at that time, I could not find anything in the shops to fit me!! It was so upsetting, I ended up crying most of the night. When they FINALLY found my luggage, we were 3 days into our vacation. Terrible. So now, every time I travel, I always, always pack a carry on with all my essentials. Two shorts, undies, three tops, swimsuit, snorkel gear and travel size amenities. Just a tip I thought I’d share!

  2. These are some GREAT tips. My husband and I are going on vacation in April and we haven’t yet decided where we are going. I want to go to the Pacific Northwest for a hiking trip and he would like to go somewhere tropical. An all-inclusive sounds amazing to me because you don’t have to worry about money once you get there which is a total bonus!

  3. I sooooo am dying to be in the hammock in the ocean right now! I’m incredibly jealous! Thank you for sharing on Found & Foraged!

  4. It looks like it was an amazing vacation. Thanks so much for sharing your tips on how to pack. A similar type of vacation is definitely on my bucket list. Thank you for linking up at the This Is How We Roll Thursday party. I hope you’ll keep coming back to share your great tips!

  5. That look amazing!! I am a classic over packer so your list is missing many things I would bring…. but then I’d bring them all home unused.

  6. THe $1 tip is a great idea. I guess $5 are good too! Oh, and chargers. Cell, camera, iPad chargers. I’m always forgetting those when I travel and then I have to waste time and money running around trying to buy what I forgot! I’ve never been on an all-inclusive or on a cruise. Maybe one day!

  7. I always pack a swimsuit cover up. There are so many cute ones, and most of them look like a nice sundress, so you can easily throw one on after swimming or sunbathing and go to lunch or shopping. A beach bag is handy to put towels and gear in when you go to the beach or on excursions to other islands and snorkeling.

  8. Great list! I always bring my own towel, but vthat’s just me. Thanks for linking up to us on Throwback Thursday!


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