Oh Boy!! Here Come the Ducks!!

Our family often visits a local park near our house. This park is one of our favorite parks in town. Not only because it is close, but there is a train that you can ride, a great playground, gorgeous grass for picnics in the shade and a beautiful lake full of ducks!

My husband, who was raised in our town, has told me stories about his childhood and all the fun he had in this very park. He recalled many wonderful train rides and play times with his parents. But he said what he used to love most of all was feeding bread to the ducks.

We thought that Sebastian would also enjoy feeding the ducks. So last summer we went fairly regularly to the park. We would always start with feeding the ducks, but he wasn’t really interested. Eventually we would end up on the swings, which always brought I big smile and sometimes a laugh! We would tell ourselves that maybe ‘one day’ he will be in to it. Just like his neat and amazing parents are!! (A little plug for the parents!!)

That ‘one day’ has arrived! After Sebastian’s nap we decided to venture over to the park. It was an extremely sunny day but it was still rather chilly. We grabbed the bread and headed towards the ducks and geese. We then handed Sebastian a piece of bread.

My first thought was that he was going to shove that piece of bread in his mouth because to him bread is like candy!! But he surprised me and tossed the bread out towards the ducks! We all started clapping and saying our family slogan…good job!! He kept asking my husband for more bread to toss out. Every time the ducks would grab one of the pieces of bread he would laugh and get excited for more bread!! See, Sebastian, your parents are on to something here!! It’s called fun!

Looking back on today, I wanted to share how thankful I am that my family had the opportunity to explore the outdoors and to get in touch with nature. Sometimes in our busy, technological world we forget about the wonder of nature. The sound of geese squawking, the beautiful feathers on the ducks, or even the breeze on our face. Something so simple, can be so memorable.

Sebastian made the whole experience even better. We had to leave as soon as our loaf of bread was gone because it was starting to get pretty cold. And would you believe that Sebastian didn’t want to go!!

Who knew that feeding ducks was so much fun? Well…now, Sebastian knows!

Photo by wendyb104

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