I Can See…Thanks To My Son

I was downstairs and I had just finished cleaning up the living room. I told my husband I was headed upstairs to write Thursdays blog. Before I left the room I paused, looked at my husband and said, “Hey, what are you thankful for today?” After first, he looked like he was actually putting thought into the question then stopped, looked at me and smiled.

It was a thought, but just a thought!! This Thankful Thursday’s message is my own and I did not steal it from my husband!! Promise!! I have more than enough to be thankful for! Although, it did get my husband thinking about what he is thankful for…and that is never a bad thing!!

Today was a bea – U – ti – ful day in Colorado!! I believe we hit a temperature high of 75! And this is only March…that’s crazy!! Anyway it was one of those days that you just can’t and shouldn’t stay inside! So after Sebastian’s nap, he and I went out into the backyard to play.

It’s so neat to watch him play. He his getting into the stage that I call “boy discovery” stage. He wants to touch, feel, throw, and sometimes taste everything!! Things that are boring to us are like precious jewels to him!! He will pick up the most dull and bland looking item and then exclaim a big, “Whoa!” To him, he has found a treasure worthy of great examination. Whether it is something he can pick up and touch or an animal sound that sends him searching the skies, he is always exploring the world around him. And he is in awe.

Seeing the world through his eyes is ‘eye opening’. That rock there has a little sparkle….that’s so pretty. The grass is starting to come back to life….what a beautiful color of green. Here come the geese…how neat it must be to fly.

Again and again I found myself also discovering new things in my world. They may be things that I already knew about like rocks, grass and geese. But now, I was looking at them differently. This time I was looking through my son’s eyes. And I discovered something else, I like what he sees.

I am thankful that my son has opened my sight. My eyes now have a different perspective on not only the little things around me, but my whole has changed. His vision is teaching me to appreciate and be in awe of all that is in my life. From the green blade of grass, to the warmth of a hug from my little Sebastian, to the way my husband lovingly holds my hand, to the peace and comfort of our home.

It’s time to get a new vision of your life and the beauty that is all around you. Open your eyes and you will see your husband looks different. Your children look different. Your home looks different. Your life looks different.

When did all those things become so beautiful? So loving, so warm, so peaceful?

The change didn’t happen to them, it happened to you. Your eyes have been ‘opened’. And you too are now in awe!

Photo by adrysmomma04

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