Splish-Splash…Do We Go Back?

Sebastian loves the water!! He has from an early age. Bath times have never been a problem. All you have to do is say, “Sebastian, would like to go splish-splash?” Before you can finish the word splash he is running towards the bathroom!!

Knowing how much he loves taking baths, we suspected he would really love swimming in the pool. The first time he was introduced to a pool was on a family vacation to California. He was a little cautious at first, but overall enjoyed the experience.

After we returned home from our trip, my in-laws were saying that our town had a new pool that had a special section designed just for children. The water temperature is warmer, the entry is a walk-in-gradual slope so the kids can ease into the water and they have a frog slide!! So, my mother-in-law and I took Sebastian.

He loved it. He loved the slide. The water was so warm and the pool was so clean! It was a really neat experience. He loved the pool and I loved watching him! So after that day, I told my husband that we should go again on his next day off from work. So we did and…that was a disaster. He HATED it!

He was not happy. He was crying. He was screaming.

We were frazzled. We were embarrassed. We were confused!!

Why did he love it all the other times but this time it was like we were torturing him? Needless to say we left after about 10 minutes. I didn’t know when we would be back. That experience was one I did not need to repeat any time soon. My husband and I were so embarrassed. People were looking at us like we were crazy and the lifeguard had this look on his face that said,” Why do you bring your kid here if he obviously hates it?!!”

My mother-in-law kept saying we needed to go back. We needed to replace this negative event with a positive one. I knew she was right. But was I that brave?

Today I answered that question. I am brave it turns out! We took Sebastian back to the pool and he LOVED it!! I think he enjoyed the pool more today than any other time so far! My husband even brought the camera. And I am so glad he did because I want to remember this day for a long time!

I know the smile is dorky, but we are having fun!! He loves to lay on his back and KICK! As you can probably tell from this picture!!

I am so thankful on this Thankful Thursday for the lesson my son has taught me through this whole experience. Don’t give up! At first if I don’t like the pool, try again. Be brave Mommy. I just might surprise you!! There will be things I will discover in life that I may not like the first time, but don’t give up on me. I am a beautiful work in progress.

You are Sebastian, indeed you are. I am so proud of you. Today, I say to you….”GOOOOD JOB!!”

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