No Internet, I Am Going Crazy!!!

Was your Tuesday missing something? Perhaps a laugh out loud joke from yours truly? If you noticed that I was no where to be found last Tuesday, you would be correct. No, I did not give up on writing. No, I didn’t forget. No, I wasn’t out of jokes, are you kidding!! So why was there no new writings? I had no Internet!

Our Internet provider has been having problems for days. Some days we had it for a few minutes, some days we had nothing! And last Monday was one of those days! No Internet all day!

Through this experience I have realized three things.

1) I really like being on the Internet. As a stay at home mom, the Internet is like my connection to the world. I can read other blogs and share information with other moms. And I never realized how much I enjoy doing just that until it was gone!!

2) I use the Internet for a lot of different things. Some examples are paying bills online, selling items on eBay, finding coupons to print, and connecting with family. When the Internet is gone, some of these things are impossible to complete.

3) I felt broken without the Internet! I just didn’t know how much I access the Internet until it wasn’t there. I didn’t know what to do with my day.

Since I add all this extra time on my hands, I went to the gym and got an extra workout in. And in the late afternoon Sebastian and I played outside and went for a walk. So all that was good! But for the rest of the day, I was so lost. I even ended up making a batch of chocolate chip cookies for some comfort food!! I was so miserable!!

So on this thankful Thursday I am sure you can guess what I am thankful for!! That’s right, my Internet!! I am so glad to be back up and connecting with you and the world!! I hope you are just as thankful to be receiving entries from me again!! I am back, baby! And it it feels great!!

Photo by The Dread Pirate Betty

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  1. It looks like we both have the internet to be thankful for. You are able to write again, and I am able to read your entries and be BLESSESD, BLESSED, BLESSED! Thank you for your commitment to this blog and your willingness to share your heart and life. Your words of encouragement, insight, and joy always make my day!!! So on this “Thankful Thursday” I want you to know, even more than the Internet, I am thankful for YOU!

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