Six on Saturday: New Uses for Salt

We all know that adding a little salt to your food can really bring out the flavor. But did you know that famous dining table accessory had many other uses?

six new uses for salt - ifm

Discover six new uses for this famous seasoning that will have you asking, “Can you pass the salt?’ 😉

1) Cleanup messy dough. After you’ve rolled out dough or kneaded bread, sprinkle your floury counter top with salt. Then you can neatly wipe everything away in no time.

2) Polish your brass. Shine your brass and copper with a paste made from a few tablespoons of white vinegar and equal parts salt and flour. Apply with a soft cloth, rinse and dry.

use salt to polish your brass

3) Stop the browning. Drop fruits and vegetables into lightly salted water while your cooking to prevent them from browning.

4) Rid the dirt. Remove dirt from leafy vegetable such as spinach, by washing the vegetables in a bath of salt water.

use salt to remove dirt from leafy vegetables

5) Relieve the itch. Spider and mosquito bites can itch and leave you feeling really uncomfortable. Soak a cloth in saltwater and apply it as a compress to keep your skin cool and relieve the irritation.

6) Scrub it clean. Hard water stains got you down? A little salt and water paste plus some elbow grease can can get those sinks, pots and more looking like new!

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 Do you know a knew uses for salt?



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