Friday’s Fantastic Finds


Hey there my lovely friends! Happy Friday to you. I’m sooooooo glad the weekend is here. My week was a little stressful with the whole malware situation. Yep, if you visited my blog a couple of days ago you probably saw the warning message. Just so you know, my blog has been cleaned, repaired and is now Google approved once more. I’m super glad that’s over!

So if you experienced a stressful week like me, let’s just take a break together and enjoy some fantastic finds. 🙂


Fantastic Dessert: Spiced Apple Cake. August and apples just go together, don’t you think?

spiced apple cake


Fantastic Cleaning Tips: Cleaning Schedule (Builder Your Own).  Love this schedule because it seems very do-able. Check out the link for tips on how to create your own.



Fantastic Crock Pot Recipe: Cowboy Casserole. Fall is just around the corner and I’m already looking for crock pot recipes. Can’t wait to give this one a try.



Fantastic Makeover: Chalkboard Paint File Cabinet. I love this idea! Of course, I love almost anything covered in chalkboard paint.


Fantastic Wise Words:



Fantastic Must-See: 9 Restaurants in Strange and Wonderful Locations. I totally want to visit this restaurant in the Swiss Alps. Look at that view!

aescher-swiss alps


Fantastic  Morning Treat: Blueberry Sweet Rolls with a Lemon Glaze. YUM!!



Fantastic Fall View: I would love to jump into this picture and stay there for oh…, FOREVER! 🙂

fantastic fall view


Fantastic Funny: No bacon would be bad! 😉

twenty years ago

Have a fantastic weekend!

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