My New DIY Dining Table!


I have been dreaming of a new table for years.  I loved the Benchwright Dining table from Pottery Barn…

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But at the cost of $1699.00….it just wasn’t going to happen!! So I thought, maybe I can build my own table! I gave Ana White’s website a visit and found plans for a farmhouse table. It’s not exactly like the Benchwright table, but it is close to the same style and it would cost much less!!
I bought the wood and then decided my first step should be to stain all of the wood first. I did this because I thought it would be near to impossible to stain in between the wood pieces once assembled. So I notched out the wood on the legs and started staining.
After that step, I started building. This picture shows the table built without the final step…the top!
Once I finished the table, I decided the stain was a little too red for my liking, so I stained the whole table again with a dark brown mohagany. I put about two coats of stain on then I started applying the polyurathane coats. I ended up with three coats to be exact.
I then thought, “Hey, I should make a bench to match!” I didn’t have any plans to follow for the bench so I decided to just model it after the table and go for it! Once finished, I stained to match and… Viola`! How cute is that?!!!

I then needed to find the perfect chairs. I searched and searched and I finally found a set at Overstock that was a good price and had great reviews! Plus, how can I girl resist FREE shipping on furniture?!!

So today…I share with you my finished Farmhouse dining room table with matching bench and new chairs!!

A close-up of the notch on the legs for the stretcher. That was something new I had to learn how to do. I think I did pretty good and I love the finished look.  

I thought I would share a picture with nothing on the table so you could see more of the detail…
I designed the bench to match the same style of the table…and I love it. It’s fun to sit at and it can (if needed) seat three people! I want to sew a cushion for the bench some day…so that may show up in the future!
My new parson chairs are a dark chocolate leather with black legs. They are very light weight and very comfortable. My favorite part though is that they are super easy to clean. Just wipe and go! When you have kids, that is totally what you need!
And just for fun, I thought I would show you a picture of my dining room table before….
That little table just wasn’t cuttin’ it! I got rid of all of that! Well, not the hubby or the kid! Oh, and the pug, he stays too!  🙂
But now….beautiful and with plenty of room to entertain family and friends!

This table cost around $150 bucks. The legs were the most expensive part at $12.00 each. But I think the detailing on them adds a nice touch to the look of the table!

A little hard work and some sweat ( but, no tears) ….it was all worth it! I am really enjoying it!

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  1. You go girl! Got to love a woman who knows how to use power tools. It’s a beautiful table.

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