A Big Decision.

I made a big decision on this day, nine years ago.

A decision to share the rest of my life with one special person. And share, I do. I share my bathroom, my money, my strengths, my insecurities, my love, my worries, my laughter, my love of Dr. Pepper, my hopes, my bad habits, my fabulous cooking skills, (he, he) and even my chocolate!! I share it all because we are one.

Nine years may not seem like a lot of years to some. I know it can’t compare to twenty-five years or even fifty. Now, those couples deserve like a free car or something! 

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And I say that because if you are married for any amount of time, you know that marriage is a lot of hard work and is sometimes like a very rough ride…kinda like the ride on a roller coaster. 

At first, you are so excited to get on the thrilling ride. You see all the other riders laughing and screaming with excitement and you can’t wait to experience the same thing! And then you get on and find out that there are some great moments of excitement, but those times are rare. Most of the time on the ride you are either climbing (which isn’t fun!) or you are going so fast that you can’t really enjoy the moment. 

I think though, I have learned a little something along the “ride” in the past nine years. Want to know what it is? To me, marriage is….

Mysterious (forever changing)
Always Forgiving (got to)
Real hard work (harder then the gym!)
Rewarding (priceless safety and love)
Intimate (knows me better than I know myself)
Accepting (the good and the bad)
Good Laughs (got to have a sense of humor)
Encouraging (my biggest fan)

On this Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for the big decision I made. I am thankful for my best friend. Yes, we are on the roller coaster and we are trying to learn to love every part of the ride. The exciting parts along with the “How do I jump off this thing?” moments!

I am thankful for the memories, the beautiful son we made, and the experiences. May there be many, many more years to come…

And here’s a toast to you and your marriage….may it be exceedingly blessed!

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