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Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions. Let all of this kitchen organization inspiration move you to act. 


Is there anything prettier than an organized kitchen? Ok, add a pretty cake plate full of cupcakes and I don’t think you can top it! There’s a place for everything and everything is in it’s place. As you know, this organized beauty does not just happen. 

Clutter is nothing more than postponed decisions. Let all this Kitchen Organization Inspiration help you move to getting the organized kitchen you want!

So that’s why I am sharing with you ten different, creative ways you can organize your kitchen. Think outside the box when it comes to organizing. As you will see, there are a few kitchen organizing items I found that were not initially designed for a kitchen area. But they work and do a beautiful job!

A simple collapsible riser can give you extra counter space in your kitchen when cooking. (found at BHG)


Organize all your baking supplies in their very own cabinet with this awesome tutorial. (found at  Two Twenty One)


If you have some wall space in your kitchen, floating shelves are great for organizing! (found at BHG)


Speaking of adding shelving, a few narrow spice racks on the side of a kitchen cabinet is a great place to organize some cookbooks. (found at the 2 seasons


Tension rods aren’t just for the curtains! They are perfect dividers for kitchen drawers and cabinets. (found at BHG. )


Organized spices never looked so nice. I love this idea of a whole drawer dedicated to these flavor enhancers! (found at kitchn


Wall files can organize beyond the office. Placed inside a cabinet door, they can hold a lot. (found at BHG)


Organize the area under the kitchen sink with a simple door organizer. (found at Build)


Don’t reserve magazine files for only magazines. Oh, these lovely files can organize many thing in the the kitchen from water bottles to saran wrap. (found at BHG)


And let’s not forget, even the wine needs organizing. A great tutorial here on using PVC pipe to create a modern wine rack. (found at Martha Stewart)

Are you ready to organize your kitchen? Needing some supplies?

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Happy organizing my friends! 


  1. Great ideas. I work at keeping my kitchen organized. I cannot believe how many dishes and things I have. Blogging makes it more so, all those different coloured plates, mugs, cake plates. I need all the kitchen organizing tips I can find.

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