Installing a Bathroom Faucet {Tutorial}

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This post brought to you by Moen, Incorporated. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have been thinking that my downstairs half-bath is in need of a remodel. 
I’m hoping some paint and a few new fixtures will give this room a whole new look. 
So today, I am sharing with you the first update to the bathroom… a new Moen Boardwalk Centerset bathroom faucet in Chrome. So pretty!
When I received this faucet I knew it would be perfect for my pedestal sink. 
Although, I did discover that working under that type of sink is little bit harder. 
Talk about your tight spaces! 🙂
The first step in this project is having good tools. 
I found two different types of basin wrenches to be quite helpful 
in the removal of old, super tight nuts and bolts. 
I also placed a towel and bucket close by for any water drips.
Once I had my tools the next step was to remove my old faucet. 
Here is my old builder grade faucet. It’s not very exciting, but I’m about to change! 🙂
First, I turned the hot and cold water valves to off
Then I turned my faucet on to release all the air pressure. 
Once that was done, I used my telescope basin wrench and unscrewed 
the bolts that are located at the top of the water line next to the basin. 
Then comes the not so fun part…removing those giant mounting bolts that hold the faucet to the sink.
These babies can be tough! That’s where that little Basin Buddy Wrench comes in handy. 
I attached that to a ratchet adapter and used all the muscles I had to get those guys to move! Whew! Apparently this lady has some strength left in her! 🙂
After I got those nuts off, I removed my old faucet and cleaned all the grossness left behind. Eeeewww.
Now it was time for the real fun part, 
inserting the new faucet into my sink and tightening the faucet to the sink with the mounting bolts.
I then reattached my water lines to the sink and made sure those bolts where super tight! And there you have my new faucet. Isn’t she pretty?! 🙂
My pedestal sink now has a more updated, modern look. 
Not only does this new faucet have good looks, it’s also WaterSense compliant. 
Which means it helps to conserve water and that’s always a good thing!
Honestly the trickiest part of this DIY is getting the old faucet removed. 
Once you do that, the rest is a breeze. 
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Have you ever replaced a bathroom faucet? Was it an easy DIY?

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