Six on Saturday: New Uses for Q-Tips

We all know that Q-Tips are great for removing that stubborn ear wax.
But did you know those little cotton swabs can do more than help keep your ears clean?

Discover six new uses for cotton swabs that will have you stocking up!

1) Light hard to reach candle stick wicks. Dip one end of the cotton Q-Tip into rubbing alcohol. Light the cotton and then light your candle! 

2) Make a portable makeup kit. Apply a bit of your favorite eye shadow, concealer,
and lip gloss on the ends and stash them in a plastic bag in your purse.

3) Blow hairdryer lint away. When your hairdryer is off, use a cotton swab to clean the lint from the back of the hairdryer.

4) Clean Fido’s ears with ease. Moisten several Q-Tips to clean away any visible ear wax from your dog’s inner ear flaps.

5) Perfect your manicure. Remove excess nail polish off the side of your nails or cuticles by dabbing a Q-Tip in nail polish.

6) Keep you computer clean. Dip a Q-Tip in rubbing alcohol and gently clean the edges of the computer screen and between the keys on the keyboard.

Do you know any other new uses for Q-Tips?

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