Inspiration for Moms Monthly Series

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April Spring Cleaning Challenge

DAY 1: Getting Prepared
DAY 2: Window Cleaning
DAY 3: Cleaning Baseboards
DAY 4: How To Clean Pillows
DAY 5: Tips on Cleaning Ceiling Fans
DAY 6: Cleaning Mattresses
DAY 7: Cleaning Different Types of Lampshades
DAY 8: Cleaning the Cabinets
DAY 9: How To Clean the Dishwasher
DAY 10: Dusting Tips and Tricks
DAY 11: Cleaning the Bathrooms
DAY 12: Cleaning Your Smoke Detectors
DAY 13: Cleaning the Floors
DAY 14: Cleaning Your Closets
DAY 15: Cleaning Your Computer
DAY 16: Cleaning Your Vents
DAY 17: Keeping Your Carpets Clean
DAY 18: Cleaning Your Curtains
DAY 19: Cleaning Your Houseplants
DAY 20: Tips On Cleaning the Garage
DAY 21: A Few Reminders… 

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