DIY: Homemade Hard Tacos

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We all love a crunchy taco, right?

I don’t ever buy the shells you find in the grocery store.
But, I usually do have a bag of corn tortillas laying around.
My normal routine for making our tacos
was to heat up some oil and dip each tortilla in the oil,
flip, remove, salt and shape into a taco.

Now, I’m not complaining. My old method made some mighty fine tacos. 🙂
The only thing lacking was the crunch.
(Oh, and they were a little more fattening.)

I got to thinking and I discovered a way to get my
taco crunch without the oil. 
And it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1) Grab your corn tortillas and lay them on your counter. 
Spray with cooking spray and sprinkle with a little salt.

2) Open your cold oven, yes cold, and gently lay each tortilla
in between the wire racks. (Spray/salted side up.)

3) Close the oven and set to 350 degrees.
When your timer goes off letting you know your oven is
at that temperature, set your timer for an additional 7 minutes.

Grab your tongs…(safety first people)…

Hey, my gel nails are still looking pretty good, huh? 😉
Ok, enough nail talk, back to cooking. 

Use your tongs to gently remove your
homemade (baked) taco shells.

(In this above picture, please notice the taco shells,
not that my oven needs a cleaning again! Thanks!) 

And that’s it…now you have your own homemade crunchy shells.

My hubby loved the crunchier version and 
I love that they have less fat!
Taco night was again, a success! 

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  1. Laura,
    These shells are great! I love tacos! Need to make these soon! 😀

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