Six On Saturday: New Uses For Candles

Candles work wonderfully for setting the perfect ambiance,
but they can do more than just set the mood…

1) Fix that stubborn zipper. Lightly rub a candle along the teeth on both sides to smooth the way.

2) The perfect pincushion. Use a wide candle to store your pins. Not only are they neatly organized, but the wax will help the pins and needles glide more easily through fabric too. 

3) Protect your recipe cards. Make your recipe cards spill-proof by rubbing a thin coat of wax over them. Now, grandma’s recipe is safe from cooking splatters.

4) Loosen a hard-to-open drawer. Slide a candle along a drawer’s bottom outer edge. The tracks should now slide more smoothly.

5) No more onion tears. Use a candle to stop the tears that normally accompany chopping onions. Light a candle and the frame will burn off some of the fumes and carries away the rest.

6) Quiet a squeaky door. Take the door off it’s hinges and rub a candle over the hinge surfaces that touch each other. 

Do you know any other great uses for candles?

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