Popular Ikea Products You Can Amazingly Buy on Amazon



Love IKEA but don’t have one close by? Discover many popular IKEA products you can amazingly buy on Amazon!


I am a big fan of IKEA. For years I was so sad because my closest one was in Salt Lake City, UT. Then Denver finally got their own store! Now I simply hop in the car and in less than an hour…I’m shopping away at the huge mega store. Since IKEA’s are not on every corner like Starbucks, you might think not everyone can shop their items. But that’s simply not true!  

You can shop for a ton of their products…. on Amazon. I know what you’re thinking. Yes, there is online shopping at IKEA’s website. This is true. But you can’t get FREE, two-day shipping with IKEA. So…I did some research for you and found 10 of IKEA’s most popular items…all available on Amazon.

Ikea items you can buy on Amazon 

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IKEA VARIERA Pot Lid Organizer (the uses for this stainless steel lid organizer are never ending!)

ikea variera pot lid organizer

IKEA RASKOG Utility Cart (the cart can be used for crafts, office, kitchen and even garage!)

Ikea Raskog Utility Cart

IKEA BEKVAM Spice Rack (this spice rack can hold more than just spices…try cook books as seen HERE)

Ikea Bekvam Spice Rack

IKEA FEJKA Artificial Potted Plant Herbs (no green thumb, no problem– there’s thyme, sage, jade, wheat grass, bamboo and more!)

IKEA FEJKA Artificial Thyme Plant

IKEA NYPONROS Duvet Cover and Pillow Cases in Grey (this popular bedding is a great neutral pattern that looks great in any bedroom!)

IKEA NYPONROS Duvet Cover and Pillow Cases in Grey

IKEA HOLMO Floor Lamp (this is a very popular IKEA product…who doesn’t love a $20 lamp?)



IKEA TEJIN Rug (this faux sheepskin type rug is so popular right now, perfect for floor or draped across an armchair)

IKEA TEJIN Rug faux fur


IKEA LACK Wall Shelf (great shelf for any place in the home!)

IKEA LACK Wall Shelf

IKEA SALNAN Seagrass Baskets  (great for storage anywhere you need it!)


IKEA SALNAN Seagrass Baskets

IKEA KALLAX Cube Shelving System (I ordered a few of these for my basement family/play room…great for storage!)

IKEA KALLAX Cube Shelving System

Happy IKEA Shopping!

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