I Finished It Friday: Guest Bathroom Remodel

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I made it!
I finished my guest bathroom before my guests arrived.
It was close, really close.
Three trips to Staples in one day- close.
I will tell you all about that a little later, right now let’s see the new bathroom.

My new spa-like bathroom is a big change.

Just how big?
Well, let me show you the before.

See, I told you. Big change.

The first step in this transformation was the beadboard.

I used beadboard wall paper. 
Yep, it was easy and cheap (only $20 bucks).
The same roll completed my bathroom and my laundry drying rack,
plus I still have some left over! 

I simply measured and marked the wall,
then primed it so that the paper adhesive would adhere to the wall.

To hang the wall paper, 
I just followed the directions that were included in the package.
After the wall paper had dried for a day, I cut and attached my trim.

I completed the look with the wall behind the toilet, the side of the cabinet…

as well as in the front panel of each cabinet door.

As you can see, the cabinets got a little makeover too.
I painted them white and added some hardware.
I love their new, clean look.

I found some white shelves that I thought would look perfect 
on the wall above the toilet. 
They are a great place to store extra towels and 
some of my favorite art.
I decided that all the art in the bathroom would be black and white photos.

Both pictures were taken from last year’s vacation,
the big picture was taken in Maine and the bottom picture was New York City.

The big picture was the reason for the three trips to Staples.
The first trip, they couldn’t find my online completed order. Grrrr.
The second trip I picked it up, brought it home and discovered it was
done in sepia instead of black and white. Double Grrrr.
The third trip back was to get the final picture. 
Let’s just say, employee Jerry and I are now on a first name basis. 🙂

I thought the perfect place to add another picture was on the sink counter.

This picture was taken in Estes, Colorado on one of our stays at the cabin.

I also have a picture over my new towels…

of the ocean in Maine. 
I love this picture because I love the ocean.
If only we could get an ocean in Colorado, that would make this place perfect! 😉

I wanted to raise the shower curtain up and give some height to the bathroom.
It’s extremely hard to find an extra long shower curtain at an affordable price. 
So my new shower curtain is actually two 84′ curtain panels with a fabric liner.
It totally works for me. 

I loathed my old bathroom builder grade lights.
And when I say loath, I am being nice.

My new lights are simple but pretty.

I love the look of my new guest bathroom.
It feels clean and fresh and relaxing.
I hope my guests love it too!

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  1. Love the redo bathroom! So modern, clean and fresh. Definitely got my wheels turning, can I do that… Enjoy your company! They will feel like they are at a hotel!

  2. This is an awesome transformation and using the bead board wall paper in lieu of the actual stuff is genius!

  3. That is an absolutely FABULOUS make-over. I love the colors you used. In fact, I love them so much, I’ve used something similar in my own bathroom make over that still is not finished (since November 2009). Not a joke, just a testament to me being lazy, I guess. The black and white, the cream and beigey-tan accents and the wall color (I call it wet sand or peanut butter, depending on my mood), it’s clean and classic. LOVE the bead-board wallpaper. Your guests will be very happy in this bathroom. What an excellent re-do! Thanks so much for the added inspiration/impetus I need to get mine finished now.

  4. we just finished our second bathroom! used beadboar wallpaper as well! love the new look!

  5. The before and after pictures are like two different rooms! You really did an outstanding job. I’m always looking to revamp my house, but I’m so busy with my job at Dish and the family that remodeling seems like too daunting of a task. You make it look easy though! Do you come up with everything on your own or do you have any outside resources that you can share with me? The only way I know to get DIY information is from your blog, of course, and HGTV or the DIY network. My DVR is chock full of project idea shows. Luckily, I have the Hopper DVR that has heaps of memory to accommodate my little DIY addiction. If you have other suggestions for inspiration, pass them my way!

  6. Absolutely love the look. Stopping by from Between Naps on the Porch. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy!!!!

  7. Your bathroom turned out beautifully. I am thinking of using the beadboard wallpaper in kitchen so thank you for highlighting in your post.

  8. I had no idea there was such a thing as bead board wall paper. I’m on the hunt now. Looks great!!

  9. Very pretty! I love the shelves and never would have guessed the beadboard was simply wallpaper!

  10. The room looks so relaxing now. I love the black and white photo theme you used. It makes me even more excited to get to work on my own bathroom.

  11. I wish I could tell you the paint name. This color is from the original home owners when we bought the house. I have never repainted because for now, I like the color. It’s a nice, soft neutral. But I am sure in time, I will change things up. 😉

  12. It looks fabulous!!! I pinned for future reference 🙂 p.s. I’m visiting from House of Hepworths 😉

    ~Jess of The Colorful Ones

  13. I love the simple elegance of your bathroom makeover! If I were your guest, I would feel a bit spoiled. -_^ I’m about to finish my bathroom makeover, and your idea with the curtains was my solution also.
    I found you over at Overflowing with Creativity party and now a new follower.

  14. Great job – love the transformation. Can you tell me where you got the shelves? I think I’d like to incorporate those into my own bathroom.

    Thanks for any info.

  15. Nakia, I applied one coat of white (called white dove) paint. But honestly, the wall paper does such a great job by itself that if you don’t want to paint it…no one would probably know. 🙂

  16. Your bathroom looks great! I love beadboard and have used it many places (bathroom, kitchen, etc.) in our newly built home. Didn’t even know there was beadboard wallpaper! What brand did you use and where did you get it? Just know your guests will love it!!

  17. This layout is exactly my layout…. For my master BATH! I keep trying to find something to spruce it up with. This looks perfect! Its a small bath so keeping it simple is important, but hard when its the master bathroom. Any chance u live in a tri level home??

  18. Thanks Colleen! I know what you mean about small, our master bathroom isn’t much bigger. 🙁 And no, we live in a two-story home.

  19. Great job. Just finishing my bathroom, and have the two shelves ready to install above the toilet. Thanks for sharing, and inspiring me to finish.

  20. Hi Laura
    Love that bathroom redo. It looks exactely like my bathroom at home except for the counter. Wonder how I can fix that. It is a gold color. Ugh. Anyways heres to you. I live in northern colorado too. Right now too hot
    Barb O

  21. Love the transformation! Where did you get your canisters for Q-tips and cotton balls? They are really cute!

  22. Thanks, Amy! I think I bought the canisters at Pier 1 Imports, but I am not certain. I have had them for like 8-9 years! 🙂

  23. My main (and only) bathroom is probably about that size. My toilet is where your sink/vanity is, and sink/vanity etc. I cannot fit a full sized vanity in my bathroom, have one half that size. I do like the shelving idea though. My walls are tiled though. It’s been a work in progress for 5 years and is yet to be finished.

  24. Oh Em Gee. You did a great job. I would like my bathroom to look like that. Maybe one day I will be gutsy enough to take on a project.


  25. Love how clean and clutter free it is. What is the greenery you used? And if fak, f r omwhere, andisit plasticorsilk? Looks like fresh cut border grass of some type?

  26. Oops, I should have proof read the above 🙁 I meant to ask. ..is the greenery fake and if so, from where and is it silk or plastic?

  27. What brand and color of paint did you use? Having a hard time finding samples that don’t look like guacamole on my wall ha ha!

  28. What a gorgeous transformation! I have been wanting to use that beadboard wallpaper for while. Great job!

  29. I love the new and improved bathroom. Beautiful remodel. I love it! Thank you for joining us at #purebloglove. We enjoy having you every Thursday at 8PM, EST through Sunday night. ~Cydnee

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