A Garage Clean Out Challenge Week 4: Evaluate and Simplify

My two month long journey continues…
I am now on week 4 of the challenge.

This weeks challenge was to evaluate and simplify.
Since my garage is not completely done,
I am carrying out this task on the finished side.
My latest addition to the garage
was three new shelves.

The two here are…

storing baskets and picnic carriers,
along with gardening supplies.

I have also relocated the lawn mover and
our weed whacker (not the technical name, he he).
The soil and pots is just sitting there
for the moment until I plant some flowers.
 I better hurry before summer is gone!!

The other shelf I installed here…

above my holiday sign pegboard.
I needed a place to store some craft materials and 
I also had a couple more holiday signs that
I couldn’t hang so they are laying down.

On the other side of the garage,
I installed my newest creation..

my DIY recycle bin hangers.

This was a super easy project and
I love how it gets more stuff off the garage floor.
I shared a tutorial on how to make your own recycle bin here.

This part of the garage still needs painting and 
a few shelves would be nice too!

Throughout this whole cleaning process, 
I have donated van-fulls to the Goodwill about 5 times 
and I have made over $250 bucks selling stuff on Ebay.
That’s pretty sweet. 🙂

The right side of the garage is looking awesome…

Now…if the left side would just get his act together!

To be continued…

If you would like to see my progress from the start:

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