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I have tons of time to clean my home said no woman ever. Keeping a clean house is work. If you’re a mom, let’s face the facts: you’re already out numbered. I struggled for a long time trying to keep a clean home. I thought I had to clean my whole home in one day to be a great housekeeper. Big mistake! I finally discovered the secret to having a clean home is a good house cleaning schedule and some great cleaning supplies. Armed with those…your house doesn’t have a chance to get cluttered and dirty!

Let’s start by taking a look at the schedule, then I’ll give more details and even share few tips and tricks I’ve learned.

Don't spend all day cleaning your house! Do what I do and tackle a few things everyday. Print my house cleaning schedule and keep a clean house easily!

As I mentioned before the secret is to do a little each day. My schedule breaks down to a few daily tasks along with “special” tasks for specific days. No clean the whole house in one big, long exhausting day. Nope. A few minutes spread throughout your day can keep your home clean and organized with minimal effort. That’s why I love this schedule. 😉

It only takes a few minutes in the morning to make a bed and instantly you’ve created a look of organization. Sneaky, right? Same thing with doing the dishes in the kitchen. I usually fill my dishwasher and set it to clean before I go to bed. Then in the morning I can empty and be ready for the days dishes. Throughout the day, I can take a few minutes to rinse and load. It keeps the kitchen clean and I never have a HUGE stack of dishes at the end of the day when I have the least amount of energy.

lemi shine dish soap for cleaning the dishes

I also do a load of laundry every day. Sometimes two loads depending on how much time I have in the day. I hate having to do laundry all day long. So if I do a load a day, I can stay on top of those dirty clothes and no one goes to school naked. Seems like a win/win! 😉

The weekends is when I strip everyone’s bed sheets. I know Oprah mentioned that she changes her sheets every other day. Well, in this house with no maid…we go a week. I also clean bathrooms on the weekends. But it doesn’t take that long because of a little trick I have in each bathroom. TIP: Keep all your bathroom cleaning supplies in every bathroom. You’ll save time gathering your cleaning supplies and you can do a quick mini-clean up each time you visit the bathroom. For the shower I like to use Lemi Shine Shower + Tile cleaner. It has natural citric extracts that dissolve soap scum and grim.

I also have certain tasks I do on specific days. I’ve found that adding a few of these to your day throughout the week helps your home stay cleaner and doesn’t feel so overwhelming. Plus you don’t forget to clean something for like six months! 😉

The microwave is a place that can get pretty messy depending on who’s using it. Not gonna mention names here but I’m talking about my hubby. 😉 But it’s cool cause I have a neat trick to cleaning it fast. TIP: Spray the inside of the microwave with some Lemi Shine Glass + Surface Cleaner then place a bowl of water inside. Close the door and microwave for 1 minute. Cautiously remove the bowl and then simply wipe the surface clean.

lemi shine glass cleaner to clean microwave

I try to vacuum little messes every day , but on Thursday…the whole house get a good vacuum. I also try to get all my dusting done immediately afterwards because I hate dusting. Loathe. This is the reason for very few nick nacks in my house.

I saved my favorite extra tasks for Friday….organize and declutter. It’s a great time to tackle anything that needs some special attention. Like reorganizing a pantry shelf or clearing out some old magazines.

I know cleaning is not very fun but hopefully this house cleaning schedule will help keep you on track. Oh, did I mention it’s yours for FREE!

Don't spend all day cleaning your house! Do what I do and tackle a few things everyday. Print my house cleaning schedule and keep a clean house easily!

(Just right click and save to your computer to print)

And if you’re in need of stocking up on cleaning supplies, I have some great coupons you can snag HERE.

Do you have any tricks to cleaning or keeping your house clean?


  1. Thanks for the great schedule! I’m always trying to figure out how to keep up with the housework better and appreciate other ideas.

  2. I really needed a schedule like this and I liked it so much that I’m featuring it at the next Share The Wealth Sunday! Thanks for joining us last week and for sharing the great schedule!

  3. These are great suggestions. I too struggle with the “clean the whole house” overwhelmed feeling. I’m going to give your list a try. Thanks so much for linking up with us at the Best of the Blogosphere!

  4. Hi – I’m the newest co-host of the Family Fun Friday linky party. I have chosen your post to be featured in next week’s spotlight feature. Congratulations! I’ve also pinned it to my Family Fun Friday board. Great tips!

  5. What?!? Oprah changes her sheets every other day? Oh my goodness, that seems like overkill. I like the little bit a day plan. I hate spending hours on the weekend slogging through all the chores.

  6. Not many people enjoy housework so your list will be very helpful and motivating (if you can get motivated about housework Lol:)) Thaks for sharing with us at Over the Moon link Up.

  7. That’s a great schedule! We try to do a little bit each say; being a homeschooling mom I’ve got the help of three boys so we stop and clean different areas of the house each day. Our goal is to get the whole house cleaned by the end of the week. A schedule like this would really help!

  8. Cleaning is so much easier with a list! Thanks for sharing at Dishing It & Digging It! Looking forward to seeing more of your creativity!

  9. Loving this house cleaning schedule! It is simple and easy for my kids to follow! Thank you!

  10. This is a great schedule!! I am always looking for ways to simplify my cleaning routine and make more time for other things on the weekends. Can’t wait to give it a try!

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