One Room Challenge – Week 5

So…it’s already week five of the One Room Challenge. That sneaked up rather quickly. I have a few new details to share with you. That delivered rug I showed you last week is out and it’s gorgeous!

new living room rug

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram…you’ve probably already seen this guy loving on it.

new rug with baby

On Tuesday I had our carpets cleaned and then I unwrapped the rug from my sponsor for the first time. This little one ran all over it squealing and laughing. I do have to admit…it does feel great on the toes. Soooo soft. I love how it also grounds the living room. This one shag rug gave this space a whole new feel. It’s cozier and just looks more put together. Which is great because I still have more to add! 😉

My new lamps from my sponsor Lamps Plus arrived while I was in Vegas. I’ve already placed them in the living room and I’ll give you a sneak peak at one…

new living room lights

Pretty, huh?! I love the simplicity of this style of lamp. I can’t wait to show you the one by the entryway. It has the coolest lamp shade ever!

I have a few more accessories arriving today and Friday. Can’t wait to finish all the details of the space and show you the final reveal next week.

Don’t you just love that rug?! 😉






  1. Laura I adore the sneak peeks and I can’t wait for the reveal! I love the direction the space is going in. As a fellow ORC participant it’s been wonderful to gather some fantastic inspiration. I’d love for you to share your progress at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. Our readers would love to see it. The gathering is at

  2. While I really love your rug and new lamp, the little one gets the prize. Oh what a doll and so happy as babies should be. I have been wanting that rug myself, love idea of shag over our awful high low stuff. Been wanting to take that carpet out of house since we moved in 2006. We inherited the awful high low ick from whomever ordered house as it’s a single wide 16×80 mfg. house. You wouldn’t have liked the vinyl idea of wallpaper either, know I never have. Looks much better painted over. The gorgeous rug looks fantastic in your room.
    Good luck on your one room challenge.
    Happy Mother’s Day

  3. Such a pretty rug and lamp. Love all the updating your getting to do on your home decor. & what a cutie pie running around. Thanks for sharing at the Inspiration Spotlight Party. Shared.

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