One Room Challenge – Week 4

It’s week four and I’m out the door, hanging in Las Vegas! I know what you’re thinking. How can you leave in the middle of a room makeover? Well, it’s for a good cause…we are celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary.  See…I told you. While I’m gambling away my makeover budget money, I wanted to give you an update of a few new changes to the living room.

Look what arrived on Monday…

media stand for tv one room challenge

That’s right! I finally have the TV on the wall and a media stand below it. Yes…there are still toys all over this room but they won’t be there for long! Oh and that lantern…it’s going to get a makeover too. I’ll show you that next week. 😉

This beauty also arrived on Monday…

new area rug from nuloom one room challenge

I have a new area rug from Nuloom. I can’t wait to open this baby up and show you the shaggy goodness!

Next week there’s going to be some more changes…so I hope you hang in there with me until the final reveal. And hopefully I don’t come home poor! Dang those slot machines! 😉



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