Hard Choices

When I fantasized about becoming a parent, I was thinking about all the fun things I would experience. The first walk, the best friend, the school programs, the bike rides, the snuggles and all the love! But to be honest, I never fantasized about the really hard choices I would have to make some days.

I want the best for my son. And I think most moms would agree that everything you do in your life, you do for the betterment of your children. And then we are placed in hard positions with big decisions. And we wonder…am I making the best decision for my child?

My husband and I are struggling at this moment to make a big decision for our son. And I have to tell you….it  has been heart-wrenching. We don’t want to screw up. We want to make the right choice. But, what is the right choice?

They never tell you in the “What to Expect” books that you should expect extremely hard decisions as parents that will cause you to loose sleep, cause you to worry yourself sick and ultimately doubt your role as a parent!!!!

I want to make sure that I feel confident about every decision I make for my son. I don’t want any regrets. But is that even possible? After all, I am a flawed human. Am I putting to much pressure on myself?

What I do know is that my husband and I have been trying to research and gather as much information as we can. We have asked the opinions of many. And we have prayed, a lot! We are doing all that we can possibly do to make the best decision for him.

So today, on this Thankful Thursday, I can’t say I am thankful for this big decision in front of us. Not yet. But maybe in a years time, I will be extremely thankful. Maybe this decision will be the biggest blessing we could have ever hoped for! 

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