Friday’s Fantastic Finds

Happy Friday sweeties!
Me too, little guy! 🙂
Today will be a busy Friday though.
There are balloons to buy, packages to wrap 
all in secret so little man doesn’t see.
I like to decorate his room on his birthday eve (while he’s sleeping)
so in the morning when he awakes its a big surprise.
Here’s hoping tonight he goes into a deep, deep sleep. (fingers crossed) 

Time to share some fantastic goodies….

Fantastic Slow Cooker Recipes: 18 Things You Didn’t Know Your Slow Cooker Could Make. Poached pears, hot fudge, bread pudding. Yep, didn’t have a clue!

Fantastic Fall Outfit: Screams comfy fall. I especially love the boots and socks.

Fantastic Sign That  I Need: Couldn’t agree more!

Fantastic Sweet Breakfast: Sugar Crusted Vanilla French Toast. This would be great for a special morning, think Christmas. 🙂

Fantastic No-Excuses Workout: Do-Anywhere CrossFit Workout.  A printable workout you can do anywhere with no equipment, space or lots of time needed. 🙂

Fantastic “No Way” Picture: Who would really do this?!

Fantastic Words of inspiration: Believe in you!

Fantastic Fall Must-Make: Pumpkin Crepes. Love me some pumpkin in the morning. 

Fantastic Political Humor: With the election next week, I just had to share this one. 🙂

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


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