Six on Saturday: New Uses for Tin Cans

When opening that can of tomatoes,
have you thought about what you could do with the can besides throwing it out?

I have six new uses that are sure to make you give those tin cans a second look.

1) Let a can light your way. Follow a simple recipe to make candles in your favorite old tin cans. 

2) Contain your flowers beautifully. Paint a few tin cans in matching hues, place glass jars inside to prevent rusting. Fill with some water and add your blooms for a wonderful display.

3) Give storage new height. Build your own tiered tin can storage unit. Great for any space that needs a little organization TLC. 

4) Create and outside lantern. Give a coffee can a few wholes, spray it with some paint and place a tea light inside. Instant outside illumination. 

5) Keep your pins in reach. A tin can will make a great organizer for your push pins. Learn the step-by-steps to creating your pincushion. 

6) A tin full of storage. Painted coffee cans can give you a ton of extra storage in any room.
Do you know of any other great uses for tin cans?
I would love to hear them!


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