Friday’s Fantastic Finds

Happy Friday!

I have some project plans for this weekend.
They will require some sawing, painting, hanging and some stapling. 
Sounds busy, huh?
I am starting to get really motivated to finish my son’s bedroom
because I desperatly want to start on remodeling our master bedroom.
I have made myself a rule that I CAN NOT start a new project 
before my current project is finished.
I’m just afraid I would then have to many projects going
at once, get over-whelmed and stop working on everything! 
I would then be left with tons of unfinished projects and a sad Laura. 
Sooooo, instead I will get my hiney into gear and 
complete the pirate themed room. 🙂
 Hopefully by Tuesday, I will share with you 
a new tutorial and update on little guys room.
But for now, I share with you some fantastic finds from around the web.

Fantastic Sweet Treat: Mini Brownie Pies. I love the idea behind these, create the perfect mixture of salty and sweet. I’d say it’s a success!

Fantastic DIY: Hand Painted Linen Kitchen Towels. Learn how to seasonally update your kitchen towels with this easy tutorial.


Fantastic Spring Outfit: Navy and Orange. Very cute, although if I wear this in Colorado people may think I am a huge Bronco fan! 🙂

Fantastic Must See: St. John, US Virgin Islands. Oh how I would love to hop right into that picture. 

Fantastic Family Hug: 

Fantastic Bread Dessert: Banana Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake. I know I already shared a sweet dessert, but I can never resist the combination of chocolate and bananas.

Fantastic Inspired Thought:

Fantastic Funny: This totally cracked me up! 🙂
Have a fantastic weekend! 🙂


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