Six on Saturday: New Uses for Deodorant

Deodorant makes sure they never see you sweat.
But did you know it can do more than just hide a scent?

Today I am sharing six new uses for our daily friend, deodorant.
1) No more itching for you. Bug bite got you scratching? Dab on some deodorant to help relieve the itching and irritation.
2) Stop new shoe blisters in their tracks. Rub on some clear-gel deodorant on spots that may cause a blister.

3) Help clear your complexion. Rub a little deodorant on a blemish to help dry it out fast.

4) Give your closet a fresh scent. If your closet seems a little stuffy, remove the lid of your favorite deodorant and place inside. This may sound funny, but Beijing is using deodorant to “freshen up” their landfills. I’m just saying…

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5) Cure those stinking feet. Stinky feet got you down? Place some deodorant on your them to stop the odor and sweat.

6) Calm sweat hands. Don’t be embarrassed by nervous, sweaty hands. Coat your hands with a little deodorant to keep them nice and dry. 

Do you know any other new uses for deodorant?

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