Six on Saturday: New Uses for Ice Cubes

Nothing beats ice for instantly cooling down 
our favorite refreshing summer drink.
But did you know those cool blocks of ice can
do more than keep your ice tea perfectly cold? 

Today I am sharing six new ways to use ice cubs.
These ideas are so “cool”! (Get it?!) 
1) Unstick a sluggish disposal. Is grease build up slowing down your disposal? Place some ice cubs down the disposal and grind them up. The grease will cling to the ice.

2) Revive stale bread. Rub an ice cube across unsliced bread until the crust is damp. Then bake at 370 degrees for 12 minutes. 

3) Quench your orchids thirst. Just remember this simple rule: “three ice cubs a week”. It’s all your orchid needs to thrive.

4) Remove dents in carpet. Rearranged furniture can leave you with unwanted carpet dents. Place an ice cube on the dent, let it melt then brush up the carpet. Dent be gone. 🙂

5) Smooth caulk seams like a pro. Sometimes trying to smooth caulk around a bathtub can become a sticky mess. Instead run an ice cube along the caulk line. You will get a nice even bead and the caulk will never stick to the ice!
6) Fix a sticky situation. Remove gum from your clothing by rubbing an ice cube on the gum to harden it, then scrape it off with a spoon.
Do you know any other “cool” uses for ice cubes?  (Couldn’t resist one more.) 

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  2. I found a some great too tight shoes I could’nt resist buying. So I filled a quart baggie with water put it inside my shoe Placed the shoe in the freezer. as it expands and freezes it expands the shoe. Made it about a half size larger.

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