Friday’s Fantastic Finds

You don’t have to wait anymore, cause Friday is here people!

Tonight we will be headed to little man’s school for a program.
But that is pretty much our plans for the weekend.
Oh, and we are going out for brunch on Mother’s Day in Estes.
That will be a nice treat, no cooking and beautiful mountains!

In honor of Mother’s Day on Sunday, I added a few ‘mom’ finds. 🙂
Hope you enjoy!

Fantastic Mexican Recipe: Chicken Burritos with Avocado Cream Sauce. You had me at burritos, but then I heard avocado! Wowzers!

Fantastic Mommy Truth: You know, moms can be pretty sneaky!

Fantastic Spring/Summer Outfit: Simple. Comfortable. Affordable. Practical. Do I need to say more? 🙂

Fantastic Advice: 25 Rules for Mothers of Sons. Thoughtful and wise…I love them all.

Fantastic Workout: Jillian Toning and Cardio Exercises. Learn some great moves to help you get tone~ and no equipment required!

Fantastic Dessert: Easy Apple and Apricot Crisps. Oh my…I want to make these immediately!

Fantastic Words of Wisdom:

Fantastic Must See: Holland. I love tulips! Can you imagine seeing this many at one time?! Amazing! 


Fantastic Funny: Ahhhh…what?

Have a fantastic weekend!


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