Six on Saturday: New Uses for Cornstarch

It’s true. 
Cornstarch is your best helper when you 
need to thicken up a recipe.
But did you know this fabulous kitchen staple
can do more than just cook. 

Discover six new uses for cornstarch that
will leave you wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?”
1) Use as a dry shampoo. Is Rover do for a bath but you are short on time? Simply rub some cornstarch into his coat and brush it out. The dry bath will fluff his coat until his next official bath.
2) Protect your makeup masterpiece. Balance the oiliness of moisturizing makeup. Brush on a very thin layer as a finishing touch.
3) Say good-bye to roaches forever. Create a mixture that is 50 percent plaster of Paris and 50 percent cornstarch. Spread this into the crevices where you see roaches. Die roaches, die!
4) Remove ink stains from carpet. Oh no, ink on the carpet! No worries. Mix a little milk with some cornstarch to make a paste, then apply to the ink stain. Allow the paste to dry on the carpet for a few hours, then brush off the the dried residue and vacuum.

5) Untangle knots with easy. String or shoelace knots got you down? Sprinkle the knot with a little cornstarch. It should allow the segments to part more easily.

6) Clean your child’s best friend. To clean a stuffed animal toy, place the animal in a bag and sprinkle with cornstarch. Close the bag tightly and shake. Then just brush Mr. Teddy clean.

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Do you know any other great uses for cornstarch?

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