Six on Saturday: New Uses for Baby Oil

We all know that baby oil can keep our little ones skin soft.
But did you know this oil can do more than just baby your baby?
Discover six new uses for this famous nursery item
that may have you stealing from the cradle! 🙂
1) Keep soap scum away. Prevent soap scum build up on your shower doors and curtains by coating them with a little baby oil. Be careful to not get any on the floor, it’s super slippery. 🙂
2) Solve a sticky situation. Sticky paper shredder got you down? Don’t throw it out, instead lay a couple of pieces of paper on a baking sheet and squirt with a little baby oil. Let the oil soak, then shred. The oil will lubricate the shredder while you are shredding.

3) Clean up a gooey mess. Stepped in some gum? No worries. Saturate the gum with baby oil, wait a minute, then wipe away.
4) Remove paint with ease. Dab some baby oil on any splatters to remove latex paint from your skin.

5) Polish your metals. From golf clubs to faucets, grab a rag and some baby oil to add a new shine to your metals.

6) De-tangle a pretty accessory. Rub a few drops of baby oil onto the knots of your necklace. Then work them gently free with a straight pin.

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 Do you know any other new uses for baby oil?


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