Friday’s Fantastic Finds

Welcome to another fantastic Friday friends!
I am soooo ready for this weekend.

My little man has been sick all week long with high fever (like 103)
and has a pretty yucky cough.
He has slept pretty much all day long, every day.
It’s the worse feeling in the world to watch your little ones be sick and you can’t fix it.
I feel so bad for him too because he missed some great end-of-the-year events at school.

His fever is slowly coming down so hopefully
this long weekend will get him back up and running and
he can finish the last two days of school in style! 🙂

Hope you all enjoy your extra long weekend and my fantastic finds! 🙂 

Fantastic Dessert I Want Right Now: Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Skillet. You know you want to dive right into that picture! 🙂

Fantastic Must See/Do: Grindelwald ZipRider. I have always wanted to go to Switzerland. Now when I go, I know what I must do! It’s a 2480 feet long zip ride with a vertical drop of 675 feet. You can reach speeds of up to 55 mph! Can’t wait!

Fantastic Exercise: Mini-Morning Workout. 20 minutes, no excuses and go!


Fantastic DIY: Wooden Door Mat. Perfect for summer, let’s the water drain right through!

Fantastic Quote: Well said Nathanial, well said.

Fantastic Tips: 10 Tips for Getting More Done. Some great strategies for squeezing the most quality time out of your day. (I’m guessing we could all use some help in that area!)

Fantastic Summer Cake: Key Lime Cake. I love lime in almost anything…I am sure this would be included!

Fantastic Idea: Trampoline Tent. What a cool way to camp right in your own backyard?! Now, I just need the trampoline! 

Fantastic Flight Attendant: Wow this guy is good! Could I have him on my flight just once?!

Have a fantastic long weekend everyone!


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