Six on Saturday: New Uses for Chalk

We all know that chalk can be useful for a great outside toy or
writing ourselves friendly messages on the chalkboard.
But did you know that a simple piece of chalk
can do more than just entertain your kids on the sidewalk? 

Discover six new uses for chalk that may
 entice you to steal borrow some from the kids stash. 🙂

1) Remove grease stains. The pizza is gone, but the grease stains linger. Not for long! Rub chalk on the affected area and let set for 10 minutes. Dust of the excess chalk and wash your clothing in a cold wash cycle.

2) Slow the tarnish down. Tie up a few pieces of moisture-absorbing chalk into some cheesecloth. Store them with your cutlery for shinier flatware that reflects well on you. 🙂

3) Cinch a screw with ease. Scraping both sides of a flat screwdriver on a side of chalk keeps it from slipping of the screw as you tighten. 

4) Decorate your pumpkin without commitment. Spray a pumpkin with chalkboard paint and then once dry, create your masterpiece. (Got to remember this one in October!)

5) Patch a wall perfectly. To fix odd shape holes in plaster, rub the outline onto paper with chalk. You now have an accurate template for cutting your wire mesh.

6) Keep the ants outside. Ants won’t cross a chalk line, so draw a chalk line around your windows and doors. A nontoxic solution to keep those little guys where they belong…outside!

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 Do you know any other new uses for chalk?

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