Friday’s Fantastic Finds

(Love saying that!)
Hey there! Happy to see you!
Another awesome weekend is here and I am so ready.
Even though we had a day off on Monday, 
I still feels like this has been the longest week ever!

I am super excited for this weekend because my hubby and son are going camping.
So while they are away, this lady is going to get her fall-making-craft-happenin’ groove on!
 I can’t wait! 🙂

I have found some pretty fantastic finds this week…hope you like!

Fantastic Breakfast: Apple Pie Breakfast Cakes. Ummmm….cake for breakfast? Could there be anything better?

Fantastic Hair Tutorial: Half-Up Braided Crown. Such a cute and easy hairstyle.

Fantastic Must-Do: Snorkel in Xcaret Underground Rivers. Snorkeling through caves? Sign me up! 

Fantastic Words of Wisdom: 

Fantastic DIY: Chalkboard Banner Letters. There are so many great ways you could decorate with these letters. I’m thinking of using them for some “autumn” decorating. {wink, wink}

Fantastic Recipes: 60 Healthy Freezer Meals. A great resource for some make-ahead meals. Stock your freezer now and when the holidays hit, dinner will already be made! 

Fantastic Outfit: College Friday Morning.  I’m not in college anymore, but it’s Friday. Does that count? 🙂

Fantastic Funny: Just another reason why I love fall!

Have a fantastic weekend!


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