Six on Saturday: New Uses for Pillow Cases

We all know that pillow cases are great for protecting our pillows
 and giving us a soft place to lay our head.
But did you know those covers can do more than help you get a good night’s sleep?

Learn six new uses for pillow cases that may have you thinking twice 
about such a simple cotton cover.

1) Wash your delicates. Use a pillow case tied with a knot to protect your delicate items in the washing machine. 

2) Dust your fan with ease. Slide an old case over a fan’s blade then just gently pull the fabric back keeping all the dust contained. (Your welcome!)

3) Make your lettuce last longer. After shaking-off excess water from just washed greens, place them in a clean cotton case. Pat dry, then put the whole thing inside a plastic bag in the refrigerator. The cotton will keep the lettuce fresh longer than just the plastic bag alone.

4) Create a giant floor pillow. Grab five pillow cases and sew them together on the seams and  then just insert your pillows. You could leave the ends open or maybe add Velcro to close.


5) Keep the dirty clothes contained. When traveling, pack a pillowcase to separate the dirty clothes from the clean ones. (Plus when you arrive home, just grab the case and throw it into the laundry room.)

6) Protect your little artist’s clothes. Cut arm and head holes for your little one. Then gather the fabric between the head holes and the armholes and tie with a ribbon for a more custom fit.

 Do you know of any other new uses for a pillow case?

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  1. I used some of my vintage floral pillowcases (found at my local thrift store) to cover the cushions on my wicker chairs and love seat set. For the love seat I used two and slipped them on from the side, with one overlapping the other. I added some red buttons to the center of the flowers on the end of the top pillowcase. I also slipped my throw pillows into pillowcases. I mixed it all up for a cute, cottage feel. I love how they look and they can easily be slipped off for a quick wash.

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