Friday’s Fantastic Finds

It’s Friday! Welcome to another Friday’s Fantastic Finds —  here’s a little roundup of what caught my eye this week! 


Happy Friday! Welcome to another Friday's Fantastic Finds -- here is a little roundup of what caught my eye this week! 

Happy Friday! It’s time to do the weekend dance again! Got any big plans for the weekend?

The mister and I were able to sneak away for an unexpected date last Saturday night. We had a great dinner out at local steak house and enjoyed some much needed adult conversation with no interruptions. It was so nice, even though my oldest son is not a fan of date-night-sleep-over at the grandparents.

He asked me yesterday, “Are you going to do another date night, sleep over like last Saturday?” I was like, “No. It would be super nice but Grandma and Papa have a life. And need the weekend to do their own plans. Once a month or so seems good, don’t you think?” To which he responded, “Hmmmm…I prefer about every 6-7 months.” Me, “SAY WHAT?!” I’m so glad he’s not in charge! 😉 So here’s hoping you have a fun weekend enjoyed by all — hopefully! 

let’s check out this weeks Friday’s Fantastic Finds…

Fantastic For the Home: Culver Reversible Striped Grainsack Pillow Cover. I love the simple look of these pillow covers — and of course, those stripes. You can save 20% on them today with the promo code WEEKEND.

Love these reversible striped grainsack pillow covers! On sale too!


Fantastic Winter Wardrobe Item: Funnelneck Striped Shirt. Love the look of this shirt, it comes in stripes of black or navy blue. 
Love this classic striped shirt with a funnelneck! So cute!

Fantastic for Everyone: Monogram Pendant Necklace. I just ordered myself an ‘L’ this week and I can’t wait for it to arrive! 
Love this monogrammed pendant necklace. So simple but so classy!


Fantastic Dessert: Cookie Dough Brownies. Every word in the title of this dessert has me happy!


Fantastic DIY: How to Build a Teepee For Kids. What kid doesn’t love a teepee? This one is so cute too!


Fantastic Words of Wisdom: Why is this so hard to do? We all could use more grace. 
Life becomes beautiful when you learn to be as good to yourself as you are to others.

Have a fantastic weekend friend!

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