Friday’s Fantastic Finds

Hey there! Happy Friday to you! 
I’m so glad the weekend is here. I am ready to relax!
I was looking through this weeks finds and I thought, 
I must really be craving pancakes or something. 
(You’ll see what I mean here in second.)

There’s only one more week until happy love day.
My hubby and I are trying to decide to eat out by ourselves for lunch
or get reservations for dinner and take the little man along.
I have a feeling lunch may win. 🙂
Do you like to eat out or stay in on Valentine’s Day?
I know for a fact that I’m going to be cheating on my diet that day
and I don’t want my cooking to be the treat!
I want some really good cheat food, know what I mean?! 🙂

Enjoy the finds this week! 🙂

Fantastic Sweet Treat: Chocolate Covered Coconut Bars. Oh my…these sweet bars look heavenly!

Fantastic Kitchen Helper: Grocery Shopping List. I love that this printable grocery list is divided up for two weeks shopping at a time. I really want to try this method of shopping.

Fantastic Father: Jim’s Pancakes. Oh my goodness. You have to check out this website. It’s all about a father trying to make some cool pancakes for his daughter. There are pancake turtles, flower pots and more!

Fantastic Idea: Stamen. Enter any address and turn the map into a watercolor picture. So cool!


Fantastic Valentine’s Day Breakfast: Heart Pancakes.  I love this idea of filling a bottle with pancake batter and designing your own special love day pancakes! 

Fantastic Words of Wisdom: The true meaning of love.

Fantastic Pancake Recipe: German Pancakes. I want to eat these right now!

Fantastic Tips: How To Save Money While While Losing Weight. There are 10 pretty good tips here. I’m going to check into the Diet Bet! 🙂

Fantastic Funny: Love this! 🙂

  Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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