DIY: Pottery Barn Inspired Monogrammed Doormat Tutorial


I was working on cleaning out my garage today,
when I discovered this old door mat.
Back in the day, this mat was a very colorful summer welcome mat.
Those days are long gone.
Or so I thought.
I flipped this baby over and trimmed off the tails
and then…
I have been wanting this classy doormat from
Pottery Barn for a long time.
But at a price tag of $59.00 plus shipping,
I just couldn’t justify it.

I checked around the garage and I had the two supplies I needed:
-painters tape
-black spray paint

Awesome! Let’s do this!

I took my tape…

and made a border on the outer edge of the mat.
I then measured two inches in and placed another inside border.

Next step was to get my “T”.
I printed my letter out on card stock.
I then, very carefully cut my letter out.

I placed the letter in the center of my mat,
leaving 8½ inches on each side.

I finished up by grabbing my tape and filled the middle in.

Final step was spray painting. My favorite part!

I let it dry in the sun for about an hour.
And now I have a welcoming mat that
actually looks welcoming! 🙂

The part I like best,
the whole project cost me $0 bucks! 
How beautiful is that?!

Now I must return to cleaning my garage.


  1. these are totally cute. I would love if you linked the door mat up to Show Off Monday @ on Monday.


  2. I am laughing at this…you are brilliant! This really turned out good! I never would have thought to do this…way to go, it looks great!

  3. Take that, Pottery Barn! Love it! Now I’m wishing that I had one of those mats lying around in my garage. Such a fab idea. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is beautiful!!! I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas for my backyard party 🙂

  5. Genius, I love this idea. i can’t wait now for springtime where I live so we’ll have the weather for some spray painting! Loving your blog 😉

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