Painting A Date Night Masterpiece

Last Friday night Chris and I had a date.
This wasn’t just any date, 
this date had been planned for months.
First, a fun meal at happy hour…
and then some painting!
I had found a Groupon several months ago
for a drinking/painting class.
You bring your own beverages and they supply
all the paint, canvas and instruction.
For the next two hours,we painted.
Those two hours went fast
because we were having lots of fun!
I asked my husband to demonstrate his paintin’ skills! hehe

My picture took on a life of it’s own…such bright colors.
If you are looking at that picture wondering what’s going on?
I don’t know…I have never painted before! 🙂
(Plus after a few drinks, I have no control over the paint brush anymore.) lol
We were just havin’ fun, kinda like we were little kids again!
 We definitely had a date to remember,
not only because we have the art work to prove it
but because of the wonderful memories!
Chris and I have been challenging each other to 
create dates that are new experiences. 
And we have enjoyed every single new adventure thus far.  
Take some risks and plan something new to do together. 
It will be sooo worth it, trust me.

I can’t wait for our next date!

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