Christmas is…..

Okay, officially Christmas is only two days away. I’ve got the decorations up, the shopping done, the presents wrapped, the cards sent, and the menu planned out. 

Wow! When I stopped and thought about all the tasks I had to complete for Christmas, I was instantly exhausted! Is this what Christmas is all about?? Is Christmas just a giant list of tasks that all have to be completed at the same time?!

I will admit that I love to decorate my home for Christmas. And I know for a fact my husband also loves it. He actually told me that he looks forward to Christmas because I always make our home so warm and cozy for the holidays. (Awww…I know…what a sweetie!) 

I also love to shop, what woman doesn’t? And Christmas cards…like writing them, love receiving them!!! 

But even though all these things represent Christmas, they are not the meaning of Christmas.

To me, Christmas is a Saviors birth. Christmas is love. Christmas is family. Christmas is gratefulness. Christmas is sharing. Christmas is giving. Christmas is a blessing.

This Christmas look past the to-do lists, the stress, the presents and even the family differences. Focus your eyes on the meaning of Christmas and all the presents you can’t place under neath the tree, but you can receive.

Treasure the present of time with family. Enjoy the present of giving to family and friends. Thankfully receive the present of countless blessings. And joyfully unwrap the present of love….for this is the true meaning of Christmas.

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