Run Turkey, Run!!


This last Thursday, I did something I have never done before! I decided to challenge myself to live. That’s right….live.

So last Thanksgiving, I was a running turkey! I ran in my first 5k…a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot!! It was such a neat experience. You could just feel an amazing energy in the air. 

Now, I won’t lie and say it was all wonderful. I did feel a little bit intimidated. I mean, come on. I could look around and see that a lot of the participants were serious runners. This was probably like their 100th race. They had the clothes, they were doing the best stretches and warming up with a little, lite jog (ha!), and they had that look. You know the look that says, “I am going to win this race with my best time, ever! Oh, and smoke you!!”

But, all that set aside, I am glad I pushed myself to do something new. Not only did I accomplish meeting a goal, I also learned that life is best lived by experiencing it. Not just going through the day to day; completing your responsibilities, doing your errands, brushing your teeth and crawling into bed. 

On this Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for challenging opportunities and new experiences. For I have discovered that these things breathe life into your day to day. They can enlighten your soul and give your spirit a much needed jump start. 

Do you need to live life?? Maybe you could take a dance class. Or how about learning some martial arts? I know, you and your significant other could learn a foreign language together. (Then you could talk in secret in front of your kids!!) How about a hike…like a hike to the top of a 14k Footer!! You could start that new hobby you have been wanting to do. Just don’t let another day of life pass you by.

You know the saying…life is to short. Don’t waste it by just repeating the same routine. Tomorrow’s a new day…go live.


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